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nightmares leading upstairs do i follow? [entries|friends|calendar]

The high seas echo
"It's not you it's me"

This spring of love, resembles the uncertain glory of an April day. The sun beating against my neck, horizons still stuck in my mind.
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rx bandits [Thursday
October 9th]
are really the prescription needed when your frustrated and u felt like u were done halloween shopping and now it's all fucked :(

i really wanted to be a bad ass scarecrow.. now i gotta find and b something else
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August 17th]
i was a hero a dick a good friend a dumb person
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lazy weekend [Monday
April 7th]
i ate way too much my parents made chicken marsala and penne al la vodka with salad and bread (of course) then we had bread pudding for dinner which was fabuloso and i made cappicino's.

saturday night i took shawn out for a early birthday dinner the kid always goes way out of his way to do really nice things for me so i figured everyone kept cancelling sushi on him i'd take him so christina shawn and i had a nice time again i ate to much.. other then that i laid around watching movies and playing video games with christina.

friday after work i watched the baseball and hockey games then played some video games 11 o'clock rolled around with nothing to do so i went to sleep

so in retrospect i wouldn't have spent a dime this weekend if it weren't for birthday funs but it was nice to relax i feel really refreshed going into this week i just hope i don't get shit at work.
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so we'll party on!! [Sunday
September 2nd]
went to a party last night and i drank alot. i definetly got trashed first time in a while i've been trashed

i was feeling out of it when i got home so i forced myself to puke then i got up walked to my bed and passed out. i hear joey had an adventure leaving my garage fun times..

can't wait for two weeks from now the trip then the weekend after is another party at cici's house with strippers gonna be fun hahaha

anyways hope everyone else had a crazy saturday night
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greatest song ever [Wednesday
August 22nd]
I can catch a helpless animal,
Skin it with my bare hands.
I wake up muddy,
And I go to bed bloody,
'Cause I'm a trappin' man.

I can brave the nastiest weather.
Even if it's 80 below.
My pa was an elephant, but that's irrelevant.
My ma was an Eskimo.

I eat rabbits' heads for breakfast.
With beaver butt on the side.
The side!
My mind's magnificent and my body no different.
I'm full of trapper pride!

Yo-ho! Yo-ho! Yo-ho!
Rip their fur, cut their skin with my knife.
Yo-ho! Yo-ho! Yo-ho!
One thing's for sure, there's nothing like a trappin' life!

I'm badder than the baddest sailor!
I make love to women 10 feet tall.
Good lord!
I've got a chest of wonder and balls of thunder.
I can break right through a wall.

I love the sound of metal,
Snapping on an animal's head.
Sometimes they scamper
Sometimes they whimper
But they always end up dead.

(Interlude by Nutter)
I've always wanted to be somebody
Who didn't get pushed around.
Now that I'm a trapper,
I'm the meanest guy around.
(Frenchy interrupts)
Second meanest!

The blood of a fresh-cut rodent
Is as sweet as brandy wine.
And the brain of an antelope
Tastes like cantaloupe.
What a yummy life!

Yo-ho! Yo-ho! Yo-ho!
Rip their fur, cut their eyes out with my knife.
Yo-ho! Yo-ho! Yo-ho!
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coming home to this place sucks/ and fuck you [Friday
June 15th]
i feel like i just want to leave again but i have nothing nowhere to go and if i leave again this time would hvae to be for good

she just won't leave me alone, and basically no matter what i'm a piece of crap... i'm so annoyed with everything...

i wish a normal life existed

fuck off
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i'm just a little off [Tuesday
March 27th]
thanks everyone for wishing me luck but the only thing i was missing was something i've been putting off lessons...

i was told i sounded great but off and i don't take things harsh cuz i got a lot of good things said and the things that i pretty much knew already, they said they'd kee in touch and they loved my style and everything i wrote but they don't want someone who might never grasp there full potential/ or in my words how i take it someone who isn't going to improve even though i know i need it...

but i understand there decision they're looking to see what's best why not try out others

<3 thanks everyone
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i just saw [Tuesday
January 23rd]
an advertisement for that movie blood and chocolate on here

note if any of my friends see this movie... scracth that if u see this movie U R NOT MY FRIEND.

the end
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children shiver in the river [Saturday
December 23rd]
[ mood | angry ]

i'm prob. not the greatest person ever.... most would agree...

i definetly don't feel like the same me lately... in some ways i'm happier and in other ways i'm miserable... i'm definetly finding myself with alot of rage saved up for something someday.

thank god for certain things


christmas is two days away and once again beggers wed choosers

i guess my plans and ideas and things i do aren't ever going to be enough... i promised the world and a dozen roses

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40fied with vitamins [Monday
August 14th]
[ mood | kwanzania is real ]

coppertone socks and i feel my nuts dragging against the lake, once i passed many elephants 50 no 40 of them and all at once science for being in my future is pain nancy will kill all!I find that these trivial pursuances, reminiscent of a past rendezvous of great splendor, dry my tear filled sock puppet dreams, and give my purple hazed budda doll the ride of his lifes. the red river of unborn semen scatter from the mouths of all women to find itself squirming down the mountain since everyone is doing this all of you will renshack a porpouise ill negative of her many faces her many faces and then it was all a florp. my mind is perhaps collapsing, the time passes my face slowly, and the seal flips, it flips as my eyes drift to the far east. the sun.... the sun....... Scream i will endure. and this conversation so brief inside my head that i find a hard time understanding the taste of a womens baggage and i still carry all the brief cases......lo' we all will shank harder? no better not wanting but fencing and shilling for hearing expenses previous or nextvious? shall die and yet i can't be dried by beach towels and i find this spot on my ball that tends to move constantly getting to my head and burning all my amoebas in conjunction with the world of farts whence he is flirting with the principles of shit and piss no one can fail to upjump the pig you proclaim i proclaim yet u still have problems with roast beef he was a good fella back in the day of ham then the rooster howled and i found myself aroused and starting stroking the cock in such a way that baffled everyone in the audience. pigs will always haunt me, swirling in their washing machines staring always staring...i hear bill paxtons voice in the distance liek a far off train whistle always telling me to kill aliens...oh and bang asian girls yeah he always had a thing for that. and i see arms waving in the distance like the lights of a semi i find the oyster fucking clams and they're tenticles orgasming underwater with time to kill with the mentally challanged licking lolipops and finding fun with such simple minds... three simple words of course always when 90 yesterdays filled only a glass smaller than a cat bottle. i am, i am, i am... that which is me and the encompassment of all enjoyment. my light forged hatred heavier than the steel u hold... helps me to see through, through the pant held thickets .. green, so green, they say. cut cut it out, cut cut it...the lobsters chant boom chica boom chica boom and do a marionette waltz across the sea floor skipping pebbles at the small redheaded step child that breathes fire from his atoms to end the world. and i say fuck-mcfuckity fuck and the lick the asshole of tomorrow while my eyes eat themselves with silver spoons. and the sahara desert watches us from afar and my eyes start to swell with freckle juice of the burning cacti with artic blast of pins and needles that stick to the back of my back of my back and i lay down in the night with the rejected nerds of the world and my hair starts to glow with the sound and the fury of ghosts from space ursurping people 9 by 9 floored,hammered,easled upon a pile of toucans so far that you cannot see the end of the hill or the end of a genious' prism. flash the majic springtime atom shower that meets u there, and braids your pubic hair, you make me feel like, i feel when i, bear these thoughts, and make me shine. like the animal said.. go with escrow, it'll fill your day with love time maki keen super glow origami pillow sex. I fisted a unicorn on Fuersday, only bcause her bitch of a daughter cheated on me and i told her i'd fuck her mom. but her mom was a unicorn so fuck that so i fisted it. and something you should know....unicorns have predator mouth vaginas and their cum are the aliens from mars attacks with poodles, pink ones the shit out paris hilton and her loose vagina. and i start the blueprint for my diabolical plan to skin walrus's of their blubber and tape that around every man's shaft to make them feel more successful in life and yet the pornstar that came over last night with her insides falling out to the point of parchutes and being shot from the sky with men's semen and i smell fish and suspicious portals as well as seeing men sword fighting without swords drawing,flying and searching for links and line breaks,yes they do but they starved till africa from russia of our hair blonde and fruitfull sinking your eyes faster then than was all over looping until. The same lake where the quirkey fish and the smart-aleck turtle gave me my first caviar sandwhich bore from the eggs of the oldest babies, was where i recieved my first makeshift broomstick made from the bones of virgin sacrafices. ive long sicne found solice in the fact that my socks didnt disappear but became glorious dolphins which swam with skull headed starry eyed octopi. i took two steps toward the decaying pile of gooseflesh before my confidence failed me and i was sent running towards the woods with my penis receding back inside me. the power of christ now stops me from spreading anymore words of truth with the world i once loved and now i'll start building a new foundation of faith from the kwanzanian people and well all be sacraficed by dogs.

the end with the warm greased hands of the bear

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i'm completely miserable [Sunday
July 23rd]
i wish i was a mute
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June 29th]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Even though you make fun of me sometimes,

I still love you times a million. No one can replace you and no one will. You're the only one that can take me out of a bad mood and put a smile on my face. You're so perfect and wonderful and I'm so lucky that you're mine, all mine.

I can't wait for us to go on vacation together and go to Busch Gardens and do everything together before I leave.

You have my heart, my soul, and my everything and that will never change. You are the best thing to ever enter my life and you will always be the best thing in my life.

I love you so much Joshua Thomas Dillon, I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you :)

love mostest, nwh(d)

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here's our warped tour people [Sunday
May 21st]
Against Me
From First to Last
Reggie and the Full Effect
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Rise Against
Less Than Jake
Everytime I Die
The Bled
Over It
The Casualties
From Autumn to Ashes
Amber Pacific
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
The Academy Is..
Motion City Soundtrack
Armor For Sleep
Bouncing Souls
Down to Earth Approach
Saves The Day
Saves The Day (Acoustic)
Senses Fail
Plain White T's
Senses Fail (Acoustic)
Valient Thorr
State Radio
Greeley Estates
Protest the Hero
As Cities Burn
The Fully DownGuitar Center
The Smashup
We are the Fury
Catch 22
Gym Class Heroes
Rock Hard Power Spray
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May 3rd]
it just wasn't enough was it?
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has anyone [Friday
December 30th]
does anyone ever feel like there whole life never really had a point... kind of like just being that one person... that if u didn't exist the world would either be better or there would be no change at all... i mean u feel loved and all but how about when the people u love most either don't care or they just don't love u back.. i mean seriously we say we love people but obviously we really don't cuz most of us won't go out of our way to help anyone out we are all selfish and cruel... greed controls us all and then the shit talking behind each others back u know obviously no one really cares about anyone cuz if they did they would stick up for that certain person instead everyone joins in and adds to the bullshit... not one person i know really deserves anything they get... nor do some deserve what they've been given if it was lowly and there life has sucked we are all due boring non existent lifes that really don't matter... i really don't care if i wake up tomorrow and every day i live i just try to get it over with so what's the point in life...

i'm sure nobody understands a fucking word i'm saying and i doubt anyone actually reads this... soooooooo who cares what i have to say... cuz in the end i really didn't matter enough to effect anyone to read this

this is my long goodbye... and we'll sing the sorrow
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christmas [Sunday
December 25th]
i just wasn't like when i was younger
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:( [Tuesday
December 20th]
i decided to lay down for an extra 20 minutes after my alarm went off this morning and becuz of that i had the worst dream ever and now i want to die
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November 28th]
fuck 2 o'clock in the morning..... why cant i ever use the computer jeez
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i fucked the hurricane [Thursday
October 27th]
enough said
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it's what the world wanted [Saturday
October 15th]
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